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General Dentistry Procedures

Dental Restorations

Used to treat, repair, or replace diseased, defective, or damaged teeth. Includes using implants, crowns, bridges, fillings, root canals, dentures, and more.

Painless Anesthetic with Option of Reversal Agents (which reverse the effects of the anesthetic)

We offer Nitrous Oxide, also known as “happy gas,” as well as the ability to reverse any numbness after your dental procedures.

Digital X-Rays

Uses a movable machine, set a few inches of the patient’s mouth to focus directly at a defined area.

Panoramic X-Rays

Uses equipment with a rotating arm that swivels around the patients head in an arc, giving a full mouth X-ray.

Digital 3-D Cone Beam X-Ray (similar to CAT scan)

A scanner rotates around the patient’s head, obtaining up to 600 distinct images.

Oral Hygiene Procedures

Fluoride Therapy

Helps with cavity prevention.

Detailed Homecare Instructions

Our staff will review the needs of each patient and determine the appropriate home care techniques.

Oral Surgery Procedures

Laser Therapy

With the laser there is little to no bleeding, scarring, or swelling, and quicker healing and little, if any, discomfort.

Expose and Bond

Laser procedure for impacted teeth.

General Extractions

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